The Black Pool – Weston on Trent

The Black Pool is a very old canal-like fishery a good 200 yards in length and connected to a smaller, almost rectangular-shaped section, known as the Basin (which years ago was connected to the Trent).  The origins of this venue are not completely understood, but it is believed to have been dug out at the same time the Trent and Mersey canal was constructed.  The club rents this fishing from the Ukrainian Centre at Weston on Trent. 

The water level in the pool is affected by the level in the adjacent river Trent, and goes up and down accordingly.  This fishery is prone to flooding and connects to the Trent in a big flood.  As a consequence, species present in the Black Pool can periodically include, small chub, dace and bleak that have come in from the Trent, in addition to the “resident” stocks of bream, tench, roach, perch, pike, carp, and a few rudd.

Fishing is from the River Trent side of the fishery; the far bank drops down very steeply from the canal and is heavily wooded.  The canal-like section of the Black Pool is shallow in the middle, with deeper areas at each end.  The far bank is reed fringed and there are plenty of lilies in the lake in the warmer months.  The basin area is shallow, with its deepest areas nearest to the connection with the canal-shaped main body of water.

Access is via the Ukrainian Centre at Weston on Trent.  The padlock on the main gate accepts the DRAC key.  Please park considerately in the car park area at the end of the track, then on foot take the downward path that skirts the Ukrainian Centre clubhouse and bar, go over the canal foot bridge, turn left, and then almost immediately right, and take the path down to the pool.

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